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Anthracite Rice

Bagged and Bulk

Anthracite Nut

Bagged and Bulk

House Coal

Decorative Stone

Other decorative stone and materials available upon request.

Mocha Stone

Size: 1½

Eastern Sunrise

Size: 1½

Pink and White

Size: 2”
AKA: Dixie Pink,
Carnation Pink, etc.

Pearl Pebbles

Size: 2” or 4”
AKA: Maryland
Seashore, etc.

2B Red

Size: 1½” to ½

Lava Rock

Size: 1½” to 2½

Dirt & Topsoil

Screened Top Soil

Nutrient rich soil that has been shredded and screened and is free of debris larger than 1/2”, such as rocks and roots.

Raw Top Soil

Nutrient rich soil that is not shredded and may contain rocks and roots.

Fill Dirt

General purpose fill dirt.

Bio Retention Mix

Mixture of compost or mulch, sand and topsoil. Specifications vary.

Top Dressed Mix

Sand, Top Soil and Mushroom Manure for top dressing yards.


4 Gravel

This product can be used as a base material or as decorative stone in landscaping instead of mulch.

Size: 6” to 4”

3 Gravel

This product can be used as a base material or as decorative stone in landscaping instead of mulch.

Size: 2½” to 1½

2B Gravel

2B Gravel is used for French drains, backfilling, landscaping and as a base layer underneath concrete.

Size: 1½” to ½
AKA: 57 Gravel

1B Gravel

This product has many uses and is easy to work with. It can be used for walkways, over-digs, underneath concrete or around a foundation. It is easy-to-handle material. 1B Gravel can be a cheaper alternative to 2B Gravel.

½” to
AKA: Pea Gravel, 8 Gravel

Landscape Supplies

Landscape Boulders

Call for availability.
Size: Various

Straw Rolls

Size: 8’ x 112.5’


A high performance soil reinforcement product.

Sod Staples

Snap Edge Paver Restraint

Seed Accelerator

Penn Mulch Seed Accelerator

PolySweep Sand

Superior strength polymeric sand. Used for finishing pavers.

Paver Edging Spikes

Used for brick edging.

Size: 10”

Landscape Fabric

Weed barrier and underlayment.

3’ x 50’
3’ x 100’
3’ x 300’
4’ x 300’
6.5’ x 300’

Grass Seed

Type: Penn State, Contractor’s Mix, Three Way Rye


Rip Rap

Armor stone used to line ditches in order to prevent erosion.

Size: Various

Red Limestone

A limestone product that is naturally red and used in western Pennsylvania for decorative purposes. This product sources from Bloomsberg, PA.

Size: 1½” to ½

Limestone Sand

Limestone Sand is used underneath pavers, bocce courts and the like.

10 Limestone

10 Limestone is used underneath pavers, bocce courts and the like.

AKA: Limestone Dust

4 Limestone

This aggregate is used as a base material or for construction entrances.

Size: 4”

3 Limestone

This aggregate is used as a base material or for construction entrances.

Size: 2 ½” to 1 ½

2A Limestone

This product is similar to 57 Limestone but contains smaller material down to fines, which makes it an excellent choice when compaction is necessary. It is used to fill-in potholes or wherever a level surface is needed.

Size: 1 ½” to Dust
AKA: 304s

57 Limestone

This product is popular for top dressing driveways and for use under concrete. This material also does not have dust as opposed to 2A Limestone.

Size: 1 ½” to ½”
AKA: 2B Limestone

8 Limestone

This is a great finishing stone. It can be used as a top coat on driveways for a nice, appealing look.

Size: ½” to
AKA: 1B Limestone


Road Ash

Anti-skid for winter roads. Black in color.

Mushroom Manure

Spent Mushroom Compost. Used in place of straw for seeding grass or soil amendment.

AKA: Compost

Custom Blending

Crystal Landscape Supply can custom blend many of the materials it offers. Please call to discuss.

Crushed Concrete

Call for availability.
This material is a cheaper alternative to limestone and may be used under asphalt or concrete.

Cold Patch

Cold Patch is a cold asphalt repair material.


Architectural Concrete Block.

We sell high quality, regionally sourced architectural concrete block as a distributor of The Bauer Company, Inc.

Anti Skid

Graded sand and gravel
material used for
traction on ice and



Comes in Natural.


Comes in Single Shred Natural, Double Shred Natural and Triple Shred Natural.


Comes in Double Shred Black, Double Shred Chocolate and Double Shred Red.


Bagged Calcium

Used for sidewalks.
This product is not detrimental to concrete.

Snow Slicer

Enhanced performance salt for winter driveways, roads and parking lots.


Used for winter driveways, roads and parking lots.


White Sand

Used for volleyball courts and similar applications.

Fill Sand

General purpose construction sand.

Mason Sand

Mason Sand is fine sand that is used in mortar mixes. Mason sand is also a great product to use underneath swimming pools.

Size: Fine and Regular

Concrete Sand

PA State approved Concrete Sand that is used in concrete mix.


Slag is a less expensive alternative to gravel and limestone aggregates. This aggregate product can be used on driveways but cannot be covered with black top or concrete. Call for availability. Based on availability, we carry the following products:

Other Sizes

Call for Availability.

#2 Slag

Top dress used for
pads, parking areas or

Size: 1 ½”