Road Ash

Anti-skid for winter roads. Black in color.

Mushroom Manure

Spent Mushroom Compost. Used in place of straw for seeding grass or soil amendment.

AKA: Compost

Custom Blending

Crystal Landscape Supply can custom blend many of the materials it offers. Please call to discuss.


Architectural Concrete Block.

We sell high quality, regionally sourced architectural concrete block as a distributor of The Bauer Company, Inc.

Anti Skid

Graded sand and gravel
material used for
traction on ice and

#2 Slag

Top dress used for
pads, parking areas or

Size: 1 ½”

Fill Sand

General purpose construction sand.

Mason Sand

Mason Sand is fine sand that is used in mortar mixes. Mason sand is also a great product to use underneath swimming pools.

Size: Fine and Regular

Concrete Sand

PA State approved Concrete Sand that is used in concrete mix.